What can be done with Reverso Documents

Reverso Documents is an online tool that helps you translate your texts.
- First, Reverso Documents extracts the text from your original document (see supported formats below).
- Then, Reverso Documents instantly translates it with a powerful software (automatic translation).
- The first version of the translation is ready to be proofread and improved on our user-friendly revision interface. You can do it alone or invite others (friends or a professional translator) to revise your project and follow their work(human translation).
- At last, Reverso Documents recreates a final document in the same format and layout than your original one, with the final translated text.

  • Documents
    Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
    Microsoft Powerpoint (.PPT, .PPTX)
    Microsoft Excel (.XLS, .XLSX)
    HTML (Html pages)
    Text (plain text files)
  • Applications
    PHP (PO or POT files)
    .NET (RESX files)
    Java (PROPERTIES files)
    Flex (PROPERTIES files)
    iPhone (STRING files)
    Android (XML files)
  • Data
    Custom XML files
    Any website exported in XML files
    CSV (files delimited by a separator)
  • Mirror Websites
    Enter the URL of your non-commercial website

Your original text can be in any of those languages. You can ask for a translation in any of those languages.
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
    More to come…

About your account

You have to create an account to start using Reverso Documents.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to log in and access to your translation.

Reverso Documents is a non-intrusive service.
No credit card - No obligation to purchase.
No spamming - You will receive emails about your translations and your translation habits only.
No spamming, really - We will never share your email address with a third party.
No trace - Delete all tracks of your translations if and whenever you want.

Please check your spam box: the email with the link to activate your account might be in it. If it is not, please send an email to and we will send you another one. Please add our email address to your list of contacts, so that you will be sure to receive our emails.

No. Your account is linked to your email address. If you want to link Reverso Documents to another email address, you need to create another account.

Yes. Ask . We will delete your account and all the documents you worked on. It can take a few days.

You have a "Reviser" account. To create a project of your own, you need a standard account. The switch from one to the other will be available soon. In the meantime, please create another account with a different email address. It is free.

How Reverso Documents works

When you create a new job on Reverso Documents, you start the now famous 2 steps translation process.
- First: get a first version of the translation, issued instantly by our powerful software (= Machine Translation).
- Second: proofread and correct that first version on your own, with the help of your community (friends, colleagues), or with the help of a professional translator (= whether it is done by you or by a professional, it is called Human Translation). We name that step the Revision*.

Revise a text means Proofread and correct it.
When you launch a new job, Reverso Documents issues an automatic translation of your text. If and only if you want, you can access it on our Revision platform, where you can proofread this first translation, see if you like it, correct it if necessary and validate it. The Revision is the second step of our two-steps revision process.

Because Reverso Documents not only provides you instant automatic translation that allows you to get to the point extremely quickly, but it also gives you the possibility to modify, or even delete and start again the translation when you don’t like it, so that the quality always matches your requirement. The translation edition is done on an advanced platform where you have an easy one-click access to all the features you would need (ex: pre filled online dictionary).

- Launching an instant translation costs Translation credit.
- The other basic features (like accessing the Revision platform, editing your translation, downloading it or publishing it if you translated a website) are completely free of charge.
- Some advanced features, like benefiting from a professional translator to revise your text or programming an automatic recurrent update of your website, are paying options.
See the Pricing page for all the details, or contact us for a personalized quotation.
Anyways, when you create an account, you get a free translation credit of 2500 words: it allows you to start using the platform and translate about 20 pages of text without having to pay anything. You can edit, download or publish this translation without paying anything.
When all your free credit will be used, you will get a message. You may then choose to buy more credit, or to stop using the platform.
We do NOT ask for your credit card number when you register. What you did with the free credits is yours. Even if you never buy extra credits, it stays yours, for free.

The online instant translation is charged by the number of words to translate. "Translation credit" is the number of words you can translate. 1 credit = 1 word to translate.
Let’s take an example: we want to translate "My mother is the best".
There are 5 words in this sentence. To translate it in one language, we need 5 translation credit. To translate it in 2 languages, we need 5 times 2 = 10 translation credit.
Price for 5 translation credit: 5 times 0.005€ = 0.025 euros. Yes, it is cheap.
Translation credit is used for instant translation only (= Machine Translation). For professional Human translation, please ask for a free quote at .
Please note that this an example to make you understand. There is a minimum quantity order when you buy translation credit.
No transaction fees.

There are two ways to buy translation credit:
- From the Pricing page: choose between the available options and click on Buy. You will be redirected to a PayPal page. You can pay with your PayPal account or by credit card.
- From your Job details page: if you are blocked and can’t go on with your translation because you don’t have enough translation credit left, click on the "buy more credit" option.
You will have the possibility to buy the number of words required to finish your job. This option is not available when you translate a website.
Please note that we do not charge cents: we only charge unit euros. Therefore, will rounded up the figures. For example, if you need a credit for 964 word, that would cost 4.82€. We will sell you 1000 words for 5.00€.

Yes: 5 euros.
At the rate of 1 word = 0.005€, 1 euro gives you the credit to translate 1000 words.

Reverso Softissimo is a French company. The prices for instant translation showed online are with VAT. You need to pay the VAT. When you want to purchase translation credit, you can do it online. If you have any question, you can contact a project manager at .

Reverso Softissimo is a French company. The prices for instant translation showed online are with VAT. You don’t pay VAT. The prices online are not the prices you have to pay. Please contact us at to receive the appropriate invoice.

Reverso Softissimo is a French company. The prices for instant translation showed online are with VAT. You don’t pay VAT as long as you give us your VAT registration number. When you want to purchase translation credit, or any customized feature we may offer for companies, please contact a project manager at . We will send you the proper invoice with your VAT number.

Yes, we have a special offer for professional websites. Please contact us at , and indicate clearly your needs. More info here