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Localize your mobile and web applications

The easiest solution to make your applications multilingual, be they web (PHP, .NET, Java, Flex, XLIFF) or mobile (iPhone and Android)

Still working with spreadsheets? Stop wasting time extracting and translating your content!
Enjoy our services for free up to 2500 words! Full details on our free and more extensive paying plan available on our pricing page

How it works

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    Upload your localization files

    We support many formats! You don't have to worry about creating scripts to extract your content, we do that for you.

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    Your content is translated

    The machine translation only takes just a few minutes. You can follow the progress in real time on the dashboard and you receive an email when it is completed.

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    Improve the translation quality alone or with help

    Proofread and edit the translation on our user-friendly "revision interface". Discover the many features and shortcuts here. You can do it alone or invite others to revise your project and follow their work.

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    Download the files ready to be integrated

    You simply retrieve the new localization files and integrate them into your application.

What our users say about Reverso Documents

It's a very fast way to translate our application. In just 3 days, we were able to submit our app in 5 different countries.

-- Benoit G.

Great job Reverso. Now our development and marketing teams can work way easier!

-- Mélissa A.

Frequently asked questions

What are localization files?

The localization files contain all the strings, i.e. the sequences of characters that form the content of your application in a specific language. Using localization files is the easiest way to manage a multilingual site for most dynamic websites and applications. If you are not sure whether your site uses localization files or not, ask your developer.

Does it work if my localization file contains variables and comments?

Yes. We support different formats (.strings for iPhone, .xml for Android, .po for PHP, .resx for .NET, .properties for Java and Flex and XLIFF) and your variables will be taken into account. Comments are useful when revising the translation, so they are visible in Reverso Documents's revision interface. They won't be translated but will be preserved in the translated files.

Is it free?

Yes but with some limits. Our free service plan has an overall quota of 2500 words and a limit of 2 languages and 500kb per file, which is large enough to translate at a whole application. For larger projects, we have extensive premium options. Full details available on our pricing page.