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How it works

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    Upload a Word, Excel or Powerpoint document

    All versions of Word, PowerPoint or Excel are supported.

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    Your content is translated

    The machine translation only takes just a few minutes. You can follow the progress in real time on the dashboard and you are notified by email when it is done.

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    Improve the translation quality alone or with help

    Proofread and edit the translation on our user-friendly "revision interface". Discover the many features and shortcuts here. You can do it alone or invite others to revise your project and follow their work.

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    Download your translated document

    You can then retrieve your translated Word, PowerPoint or Excel document. It is ready to be used!

What our users say about Reverso Documents

Finally an online solution that keeps my formatting intact. Thank you Reverso for boosting my productivity at work!

-- Justine T.

We translated all our corporate slideshows in Spanish in a few minutes for a client that didn't speak English. Great product.

-- Pierre N.

Frequently asked questions

What documents can I translate?

We support all versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents from Word, Excel and Powerpoint 97 (the .doc / .ppt / .xlsextension) to the latest versions (the .docx / .pptx / .xlsxextension). We also support the PDF format.

Will everything in my document be preserved and translated?

While Reverso Documents can extract most of the content, there are a few limitations. For example, comments, drawings, watermarks and internal files (such as an Excel graphic inside a Powerpoint) won't be translated.
Please also note that revision marks won't be preserved in your translated documents. Pretty much everything else will be translated and preserved.

Is it free?

Yes but with some limits. Our free service plan has a limit of two languages and 500kb per project, and an overall quota of 2500 words. For larger projects, we have extensive premium options. Full details available on our pricing page.