Frequently Asked Questions

How does the credit system work?

One credit = One word to translate. Note that html or xml tags, such as <body>, <b>, etc. are not translated and not deducted from your credits.

Which file formats are supported?

Translate any document containing clear text, in Word (.doc, .docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), CSV (.csv), HTML (.html), XML (.xml), Text (.txt), PDF (.pdf), or any technical file (PO, RESX, String, XLIFF, etc.). Note that Scanned PDFs, obtained by photographing/scanning pages, are only available for Premium users. Find out more about Premium access.

Which languages are supported?

Translate from or to any of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Romanian, Polish, Dutch (Flemish), Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish or Japanese.

Can I translate voluminous files?

With a free account, you can translate files up to 2.5MB and with a Premium account up to 30MB. Find out more about Premium access.

Can I translate PDFs?

You can translate PDFs of 250 pages maximum. Note that the simpler the PDF layout, the better the result, especially for right to left languages (Arabic & Hebrew). If your PDF has images in it, please refer to the Scanned PDF explanation. If your document contains more pages, we recommend you convert it into a Word document, or divide it into smaller PDF files.

What are Scanned PDF documents and can Reverso translate them?

Scanned PDFs contain scanned/photographed images of pages, typically obtained when using the office scanner or converting an image file to PDF. If you have Premium access, you can translate any PDF document as long as it has clear texts in it. Please make sure the images are of high quality, the texts are not handwritten and there's no watermark on the background. Once you have Premium access, you can enable OCR from your account settings. Find out more about Premium access.

Can I translate a document containing images?

If your document is in PDF format, you can translate images with text only if you're a Premium user (refer to the Scanned PDF topic). If your document is in other formats, images, with or without text, will be copied but not translated.

Can I modify the translated document before download?

Yes, the revision feature allows you to easily compare each sentence in your document, in the original language VS the target language. You can validate the translation or modify it. You can also invite colleagues to participate in this revision process.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time; the subscription will not be automatically renewed and you will be able to keep your Premium access until the end of your subscription period. Please note that you will not be able to subscribe again, to any of our plans, before the end of your cancelled subscription period.

Can I change my subscription before the end of the subscription period?

Unfortunately, this is not allowed by our subscription system. If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to subscribe again, to any of our plans, before the end of your cancelled subscription period. If you need to upgrade your subscription, please contact our support team.

How can I purchase additional credits?

Simply go to the one-time payment tab on our pricing page and select the amount you need. Do not forget to check our subscriptions for better rates!

How will I receive my invoices?

Your invoices will be sent to the email address you have configured in your account. For recurrent subscriptions, an invoice will be sent after each automatic renewal (monthly or annually).


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