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Use for free

2 500 words



Pay as you go

After you used your free credit, you only pay what you need.

Use all the translation and revision features based on the number of words.

Prices from 0.002€ to 0.004€/word

Minimum of 10€ for 2500 words



For large volumes, corporate solutions, our experts can help you manage your translation/localization projects, and Reverso Documents can be customized and use through an API.

  • Very large volume/API
  • Customized machine translation
  • Translation memory creation or management
  • Optional human translation and revision

With a credit of 2500 words you can translate approximately 6 pages in 1 language or 3 pages in 2 languages.
You can thus translate a resume and cover letter and a rather long web page.

We have special offers for language students, translators and language service providers to get additional discounts. Contact us for more details.

Fast and easy professional translation services

You can optionally order professional translations for every language for a fee between 0,08€ and 0.12€/word

How does it work

Translating your files and / or website depends on the number of words and languages you need. Thanks to our offers based on the volumes, the more you buy, the more money you save!

For example, 1 website of 5 000 words from English to French and German will represent 10 000 words to be translated. You could choose the 20€ offer (4 000 words) if you have 2 documents of 2 000 words each to translate from Spanish to English.

Not sure how many words you need to translate?

Just create a project and we will tell you which is the best deal for you

How much do i need?

Here are a few examples

  • Website (few pages)
    6 500 words
  • 4 pages
    1 000 words
  • Mobile application
    4 000 words

Frequently asked questions

How much can I translate for free?

By creating an account, your first 2500 words are free. However, free plans come with three kinds of limits: the number of languages you can translate per project, the maximum size per project and the overall quota. It also depends on the content you wish to translate:

  • For websites, you can translate at least the main pages.
  • For documents, it amounts to around 8 pages you can translate for free.
  • For applications and other XML files, you can translate small to regular files. For example, mobile applications are generally around 2 000 words.

Even if you reach maximum size per project, you can still create new projects insofar the total number of translated words of all your projects doesn’t reach 2500 words.

What happens when I don't have enough credit?

For websites, when running out of credits, some pages won't be translated. Once you have published your translated website, if a visitor clicks on a link to a page that you didn’t translate, he will be redirected to your original website. For documents or other files, your content will be partially translated. You will still have access to all the features - including the revision and download of your file. In both cases, you will need to buy more credits to have your whole content translated.

What happens when I'm out of credit?

Every feature remains available. You can still publish your website, download your file or invite reviser. However, you cannot update your project or relaunch translation without buying credits first.

Can I have access to a professional revision with a free account?

Yes, our service of professional revision is a paid service available to everyone. You can order this service in your project’s dashboard.