Reverso Documents Terms and Conditions

Reverso Documents aims at providing to all internet users the best experience to manage translation projects whether for professional or personal use, for large or small documents, applications, files or web sites. It can be used directly by the end user, as a collaborative tool with outside revisers or contributors or combined with professional services provided by Reverso-Softissimo or its partners.

By registering on the platform the users agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Otherwise they should not use the system. When submitting a document to Reverso Documents, the user commits to take all necessary measures to ensure that the files are free from any virus and commits to use the platform according to the instructions in terms of file formats, maximum sizes. Reverso-Softissimo is not responsible to check the content and is not responsible in case people use Reverso Documents to translate documents that are inappropriate, or for which they don’t have the appropriate rights.
The user is responsible for its usage of the platform and for the revisers that he invites. He is responsible for managing his access and password.
Besides data concerning payment systems, Reverso-Softissimo will not be responsible in case of any use of the user data by third parties that might have breached the secure access to the platform.
For free usage, Reverso-Softissimo only requires a valid e-mail address and the agreement on terms and conditions.
Users who access the professional service must give their full details including physical address, country of residence, and for european companies the VAT number.
Reverso-Softissimo can use the data submitted by the user to check the compliance with the terms and conditions and to improve the quality of service.
Reverso-Softissimo does not guarantee that the result of the platform will remain for more than 90 days after they have made their last paying operation. The user should regularly do backups of the data submitted to the platform: translated files, translation memories.
The platform is free for a certain usage described on the pricing page, and comes for a fee for the other uses.
Reverso Documents offers a translation credit of 2500 words to every new user. One user should have no more than one account.

The results of automated translation software are provided “as-is”. Machine translation can never be perfect, layout or structure of documents can sometimes be broken by the translation process. The free usage provides enough insight for users to decide if the platform suits their needs.
The liability of Reverso-Softissimo is in all cases limited to the amount that the user effectively paid for the service concerned. The free hosting of the URL is provided as a bonus. Reverso-Softissimo does not give any guarantee that the hosting will be for more than 90 days after the last payment from the user for that particular job.
Reverso Documents has benefited from the European project Flavius, with various partners including Across, Daedalus, LanguageWeaver, Over-Blog, Qype, TVtrip. We want to thank particularly the European commission and our project officers for their support in this project within FP7 Framework.
We try to offer you the best possible instant translation. Please note that you can always delete and rewrite the translation if you are unhappy with the one we provided. However, the translation credit is non refundable.

Reverso Documents provides free hosting and indexing. Those features are free of charge, given as a bonus. If the user wants to benefit from these options he has to declare that he is the owner of the content or has obtained the right from the content owners to use and publish the content of the website. He also has to commit not to use Reverso Documents to publish “adult” or porn sites, sites promoting violence, racism or hatred or any site that could be contrary to any law on Internet Content. If a user should translate such a website, Reverso Documents has the authority to delete it without warning. The translation credit that may have been bought and use for this job will be lost and non refundable.
The user expressly agrees that to compensate for the usage of the platform and hosting, Reverso-Softissimo can display advertising on top of the published translated website. The content should not include any link to sites which contain viruses, phishing, or sites promoting hatred, violence, porn, or competing services. Users who don’t comply to this are liable to prosecution.
Many free features are available : editing the translated text, publishing the translated website, ralauching the translation to take into account the improvements you may have done, updating the translated website too always match your original one (for now, acessing to this feature on the plateform is free of charge, and using it costs you as much translation credit as there are words in the website). Since those options are, for now, a bonus offered for free by Reverso Documents, the users can not ask for a refund of the acquired translation credit if they were unhappy with those free features. Purchasing a translation credit gives the clients the possibility to instantly translate their website.
Reverso-Softissimo has not reviewed all of the content made available through the websites to which it links, and that link back to it. As such, Reverso-Softissimo is not responsible for their contents or their use. Reverso-Softissimo disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from the use of these other websites.

- The use of the automated platform which is covered by this agreement.
- Professional translation provided by services which are covered by a specific agreement. Users can request a professional translation in the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and more to come...

Reverso-Softissimo does not commit to provide any support service other than FAQ and answer to e-mails as part of the usage of the automated platform. People who experience some trouble using the platform should first review the FAQ and blog posts, and can submit question on online form or on a live chat if available. However, our team put in the best efforts to answer to every request, regardless the account status (free or paying). Please use the contact page to contact us. Live chat and email support is available in French and English only.

Reverso Documents uses software from Reverso-Softissimo and software licensed from third parties including translation engines and the associated data whose owners are LEC and its partners, Promt, ProjectMT, LanguageWeaver, SDL, Targumatik, and spelling coming from Daedalus or others. It also includes some open-source software.

Reverso Documents is a platform designed, developed, owned and operated by Reverso-Softissimo, a French company located 5 rue Soyer, 92200 NEUILLY SUR SEINE.

Any issue between the users and Reverso-Softissimo will be submitted to French courts in Paris and French law and with either French or English language.