Terms of Use

Reverso Documents: Terms of Use

Reverso Documents aims to provide all Internet users with the best experience in managing translations for professional or personal use, for documents of various sizes and formats, applications or website content. It can be used directly by the end user, or as a collaborative tool with external reviewers or collaborators. It can provide a near-instant translation by keeping the majority of the layout and can be used with or without revision. It allows you to keep or delete the original document as well as its translation and changes made.


By creating an account on Reverso Documents, the user accepts these General Conditions without reservation. By submitting a document to Reverso Documents, the user agrees to take all necessary steps to ensure that he has the necessary rights on the documents he processes, that the files do not contain any viruses.

The user is responsible for his use of the platform, and for the use made by the reviewers he invites. He is responsible for managing his access and password. For free use, only a valid email address and acceptance of the terms and conditions are required.

For paid use, it is required to provide a complete profile, including the country of residence and possibly a company name. Reverso charges a 20% VAT applicable in France, whether the user is an individual or an enterprise.


The user authorizes Reverso Documents to have access to the data he has submitted for the strict purpose of verifying compliance with the general conditions, improving the quality of service and providing him with the support he may need. All data submitted by the user is considered strictly confidential. The user can at any time delete the data he has submitted on the platform in his personal space and Reverso will not keep any copies. Reverso retains only the user’s email address and usage volume information to verify that it is not abusing the credit offered during account creation.

All rights relating to the Customer’s Content belong to it. However, the Customer grants Reverso Documents the non-exclusive global right to use the Content solely to provide Reverso Documents services to the Customer. In particular, the Customer grants Reverso Documents the right to store, modify, process, translate and temporarily transmit the Content, and sub-grant the aforementioned rights to its sub-documents to the extent necessary to provide the services provided under this Agreement.


Reverso has developed an instant translation tool used by millions of people that can be tested freely online at www.reverso.net. The user can thus have an idea of the level of quality he can obtain. Similarly, a credit is offered to test compliance with the layout of the translated documents. The results of Reverso Documents are provided "as is". Machine translation can never be “perfect” because there is no independent, objective, automated measure of translation quality. The structure of documents can sometimes be changed by the translation process (translated texts can have different lengths for example and not fit into the same locations). Similarly, converting PDF documents cannot keep the original document layout or its structure completely.


The use of the platform is free for a certain use and becomes paid from a certain volume of translated words. Reverso offers a translation credit of 2500 words to each new user. The size of the documents accepted in the free version must not exceed 2.5MB. The user undertakes to use only one account per natural person and not to abuse the free credit that is offered to each account created.

The credits offered at each account creation allow a free first use, and provide a fairly consistent overview of the tool’s operation and capabilities so that the user can decide whether or not the platform meets their needs. Reverso’s liability is limited to the amount paid by the user for the service received.

We do our best to offer you the best instant translation possible. Please note that you can delete and rewrite the translation at any time if it is not instantaneous. In all cases, the translation credits used are non-refundable.

Once the user has used the credit offered, they can continue to use the platform using a subscription formula (monthly or annual) that allows them to use the platform with a maximum of words per month, depending on their formula. They can also choose to purchase word credits that they can freely use for up to 12 months. The Premium version of Reverso Documents allows you to process documents up to 120MB and up to 250 pages (in PDF format). Once the subscription is finalized, the user can cancel it for the next billing period. Current subscriptions are not refunded.

Each time a translation is launched on the platform, he is used as many credits as the number of words used multiplied by the number of languages in which the translation was performed.

For subscribers, if the number of words is exceeded, it is possible to obtain a credit on the additional billing. The supplement will be charged on a basis of 0.002 Euros of the translated word, depending on the type of subscription or equivalent in the currency of your choice. The user undertakes to pay the use of the service as soon as this amount exceeds 200 euros or at the latest at the end of the ongoing month during which the credit was consumed.

The payment details of users are kept by the company that manages payments and subscriptions: Braintree.

Deleting these details automatically results in the suspension of the subscription at the end of the period and the possibility of obtaining additional translation credit, but does not abolish credits in progress or subscriptions in progress.

Reverso Documents does not guarantee the backup of your translations more than 90 days after your last payment transaction. We invite users to perform regular data backups: original documents, translated documents, translation memories...


Reverso does not undertake to provide assistance services other than the Faqs and the reply to e-mails related to the form, as part of the use of the automated platform.

Reverso Documents mainly uses Reverso’s own technologies but can also use partners such as SDL, Promt, Abbyy as well as open source software. The platform is designed and managed by Reverso SAS, 5 rue Soyer, 92200 Neuilly s/Seine, France.

Any conflict between Reverso and its users will be submitted to the French courts, according to the French law, in French or English.

These terms and conditions may change at any time and shall apply immediately, except as regards the terms of use for subscribers who remain valid during the term of their subscription and who may change with 3 months' notice.

Reverso Documents reserves the right to add or remove features or functions for which the Customer has not been invoiced and to adapt or modify paid features as long as the quality of service provided remains similar.

Reverso Documents benefited from the European project Flavius. We would especially like to thank the European Commission and our project managers for their support in this project within FP7 Framework.